I've always wanted to visit Fortune Island ever since I saw the beautiful photos of travel bloggers in instagram. I thought they were in Greece but the location stated that they're in Batangas. lol! Fortune Island is famous for its Greece like structure.

We left Manila at exactly 3am and arrived in Jollibee Nasugbu, Batangas at 5:30am. This is the meeting point for all the visitors who contacted Mang Dante. We coordinated with Mang Dante's wife since he wasn't there. We were assigned to join a group since we're only three and one boat could fit around 15-20 people. We paid Php800 each for the roundtrip boat ride which includes entrance fee, two super nice tour guides Kuya Yob and Kuya Cris who made sure that everything in our day trip was fun and organised, coffee, hammock use and new friends. We also brought packed breakfast and snacks. So, we just had to buy lunch since there were no stores/restaurant in the island.

You may also camp overnight or just beach bum just like what we did.

Drinking sesh with new found friends before cliff diving

First time to cliff dive this high. Got painful bruises afterwards because that's what happens if you fall with the wrong....HAHAHA! kidding! I am such a 'chill' person I landed on a sitting position. Damn. The adrenaline was worth every pain, though.

My cousin and her best friend planned visiting this island for her post birthday celebration. She invited me two days before their scheduled trip since I was trying to recover from a fatal heartbreak (Warning: this post is becoming too personal). haha! So yes, this was also my first trip as 'single' after five long years. I forced myself to join them and I think it was one of the best decisions I made since it really helped me move forward. I realised that there are so many places to see, so much more people to meet and it's just a waste of time to stay at home and think of what went wrong. Relationships end for a reason. It's hard to understand at first but I know everything will soon be okay. I guess I'll just have to keep on travelling until the pain goes away. Now I belong to 'travelling with a broken heart' club. lol

Date visited: February 27, 2016
Total cost: 800/person boat and tour + 150/person toll fee + 100/person jollibee lunch = PHP 1,050. THAT'S THE BEST 1K I'VE EVER SPENT.

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