December weekend getaway on a beach. Why the hell not? My friend, Abby, just arrived from Germany and she badly wanted to go to the beach. With her limited time here in the Philippines, we decided to go somewhere near. We were torn between Subic and Batangas. We thought we could do more water activities in Batangas so Batangas it is!

We rented a studio unit that I found at OLX instead of staying at the hotel since it's cheaper. It costs around Php4,000 overnight. Entrance fee per person that time was Php1,200 since it's peak season and that includes the use of beach club which is exclusive for members only. The bad news is, the condo unit that we rented was not exactly the same as the photos posted at OLX. Quite disappointing, huh? Still, with great company comes great adventure no matter where you stay.
We had breakfast at the restaurant facing the pool in country club. I ordered breakfast that was not in the menu and they gladly prepared it for me. Awesome service to start the day!

We snorkelled at their beach hoping to see some colourful fishes and ended up seeing ONE fish. ONE FISH. We tried our best to get some nice ig-worthy snorkelling shots but sadly failed. So we went back to the pool and that's where we watched the beautiful sunset. 
Cheers to another awesome weekend!

Omg. The story of the shot above. So we, mid-budget travellers brought two bottles of not so fancy wine. While chilling in the daybeds we looked around and we're like "We're so genius!! We're the only ones who thought of bringing drinks" and yes I was the one who brought the glasses. Hahaha! And while pouring our very own pink moscato, the waitress from the bar approached us and said that there's a corkage fee. We asked how much and she said "two pesos per ml ma'am". We looked at each other and were like "Uhmmm...". Hahaha! One bottle was 750ml so that means Php1,500 which is not that practical since our wine only costs less than 500 pesos! So yeah, after taking the shot above we had a "little" sip and we poured the remaining back to the wine bottle. Sayang eh. Then we ordered fresh shakes and pizza from the bar. 

Pico de loro beach and country club is great for everyone. Love the shuttle around the area, very convenient. Price and taste of food from their restaurant was okay. Every staff was helpful and nice.  We just don't find the Php1,200 entrance fee worth it and their rule of accepting cards only for payment in any of their establishment. 

Date visited: December 2015

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