Hotel lobby (photo above)

Dresser, mini bar, coffee/tea area, flat screen tv and full body mirror
Standard twin bedroom

My friend and I enjoyed this Nissin cup of noodles Thai version. Not much of a difference except that it's 'Seafood Creamy' instead of just 'Seafood' only.


Toilet without bidet but with pale and an old tub

Morning bazaar just outside the hotel. Opens at 5am! Great for wholesalers! We got stylish tops for just 150 thai baht each. Wish we could spend longer time here but we're time constrained because we're on a group tour.
Right after we went early shopping, we went straight ahead to the breakfast buffet area. I got myself the usual continental breakfast since I wasn't feeling too well and I thought that trying new food wouldn't make me feel even better. So I went for my usual breakfast toasts and eggs and added a sausage for protein and a doughnut for some sugar.

Few minutes walk from Baiyoke Boutique Hotel is a more upscale hotel named Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We heard that you can view the relaxing sunrise for free here. So, we took the opportunity to watch the sunrise before we went to the morning bazaar.

And this, my friends, is the beautiful sunrise view from Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Overall, Baiyoke Boutique Hotel is an excellent and decent budget to mid-range hotel. It has the usual amenities of a hotel. The only difference is the quality and maintenance of the furnitures and the interior design. The only problem I had was the hot shower in our room wasn't working and it's kind of a big deal for me since I always take hot shower. I think that's when I started feeling a bit unwell. Aside from that, there were no bed bugs and the air-conditioning was working fine. Breakfast buffet had a lot of options for everyone and breakfast in Baiyoke Boutique Hotel was my favorite among all the food we tried in Thailand. Will I stay again or recommend this hotel to others? Definitely! But only if you're not splurging. I find the hotel prices in Thailand affordable. This twin room costs around 1,500 Thai Baht per night if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure you could find greater deals by just adding a few bucks. If I was to come back in Bangkok with my family, maybe I would suggest we try the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Do you have any hotel suggestions in Bangkok? If so, please do leave it in the comment section. :) Thank you! <3

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