Wat Benchamabophit or the so called "The Marble Temple" is said to be one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok, Thailand. This was our first stop and the only temple in Bangkok that's included in our International Marketing Trip last year as college students. We didn't have the chance to visit other famous temples like The Grand Palace but I'm still grateful I was able to see a temple this beautiful. 

We were totally in awe when we got out of the bus. It's just so surreal! The temple is so elegant with its white marble body with a touch of golden outlines. Beside it is a park which makes a great resting area when you get tired of the exhausting heat or while waiting for your friends while they take tons of photos. There's also an exclusive praying area for monks and we were advised to tone down our voices. Our tourist guide also mentioned that some scenes from the movie 'The King and I' was taken here. No wonder I felt like I was in a movie when we were having the tour. 

When you visit Bangkok, don't forget to include this elegant temple in your itinerary and do take lots of photos with your friends/family since every corner seem to be a nice backdrop for picture taking. Just make sure to come early or late in the afternoon to avoid the extreme heat. And don't forget the dress code, no short shorts/skirt, sleeveless or anything revealing.

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