I am so happy that healthy restaurants are popping around Metro Manila like mushrooms! Is eating  organic just a trend or have Filipinos become more aware of the infinite benefits of eating healthy?  Whatever the reason is, I'm just so glad I've found this divine abode. Hillside cafe & juice bar is located beside Cedarhills Garden Center along Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City. It's not easy to miss since the front porch is filled with beautiful greens which makes the cafe stand out. Hillside cafe & juice bar is one of the few vegetarian friendly restaurants around Manila. Worry not, the cafe also offers healthy dishes made of chicken, meat and fish so one would surely find something soothing for his appetite. 

Detox juices are coldpressed daily and is available near the cashier area. I haven't tried any of their detox juices yet but they all look so fresh it makes me thirsty just imagining that bright yellow bottle. I'll surely try one of those when I come back.

Have I mentioned? The place is also filled with nice quotation and sayings with great calligraphy! Artsy peepz will surely love this place. I recommend having a seat in the middle couch since it's the most photogenic part of the cafe because of the hanging knit design and Oh! the colorful patterned pillows! Don't forget to include them in your photos. They make great accents. ;)

My friend ordered Aglio Olio Seafood Pasta Php265

and this is my Falafel Soft Tacos Php215

Banana Almond Smoothie Php185 & Mangho Shake Php135

Food serving was enough to fill an average person's tummy. I got really filled with my two soft delicious tacos with falafel and black beans on the side. It doesn't contain any meat which makes my tummy really happy! The pasta was okay. However, it could use a bit of salt and few sprinkles of parmesan cheese for more flavor. The healthy smoothies were the bomb! Smoothies are served in a huge glass that could be shared by two persons. I felt like I had two meals after finishing my order. The servers were really nice but they seem busy all the time. It would be nice if there's always someone you can call right away if you need anything. Still! Hillside cafe & juice bar is now one of my go to places whenever I want to have a hearty and healthy meal. Remember, our stomach is not a trash bin so let's not fill it with junk. Healthy meals for the win! Yay!

After eating, we knew we had to take a walk. Good thing the cafe's connected to the garden where you can find different kinds of plants. I never thought there are so many kinds of cactus. It was so nice to see plants that I never knew existed. Of course, I won't go home without getting anything from the great deals that they offer. Herbal plants = 3 for 100. YES. I bought lemon mint, tarragon and thai basil. 

Went home really happy & healthy, can't wait to bring my parents here! <3

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