Candy Bouquet

After my friends and I had dinner that night at Fushi, we headed to Candy Bouquet, just located at the same building. It was the first time I saw magical candies! Everything was amazing. A bouquet made of candies? what more could be sweeter?! It’s a bit pricey though. But I would really appreciate if someone sends me one :P 

Colorful Candy Swirls and Pops

Check out that JUMBO Nutella! Dude it was so heavy. It costs 300+SR/Php3,000+

Mini Nerds in Pink and Purple. How Katy Perry-ish could it be? haha!

The Unique Candy Bouquets :>

JELLY BEANS! oh how I wish I have that jelly bean machine at my house :)

And some sweet drinks that you can’t find at a local market.
 Now I know where to get Dr. Pepper.

I can’t imagine how sweet the owner of this boutique is. His girl must be so lucky! Everything in this store is magical, so is the price. haha! If you’re a guy, living in Saudi Arabia, and Valentine’s Day is near, you know where to get your one of a kind bouquet :)

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