Secret Recipe

My boyfriend and I had a late valentine's day celebration due to our hectic school schedule. We took advantage of Ensogo's deal on Secret Recipe, 4-course meal for two for only Php799.

Secret Recipe is located at Midtown Building.

View from our seat. We would like to seat at the balcony since it's more romantic and there's a nicer view but it was raining that time so all the tables and chairs outside were wet.

Here is our course itinerary:

The hearty 4-course set meal for two includes:
  • Mushroom soup (2)
  • Crispy chicken salad (1)
  • Main EntrĂ©e (select one)
    • A - Chicken Cordon Bleu & Penang Kueh Teow
    • B - Grilled Mushroom Chicken & Fish & Chips
  • Iced Lemon Tea (2)
  • Fresh Cream Cake slice (2)
  • Free black Americano coffee (2) (provided upon request)

and you may choose which branch you'd like to dine upon buying the voucher.
I apologize for the low quality pictures because I forgot to bring a camera that time. Anyway, We chose Robinsons Place Manila's branch since it's more accessible from where we're coming from.

Our iced tea which was okay. Just the normal one :)

Mushroom soup. It was good :)

My fish and chips. I love the chips or fries' cut. The look was appealing but looks can be deceiving, right? I usually like my fries with a bit of salt, this one was "okay lng". However my two fish fillet was nicely fried. It's soft and tasty and even more delicious when dipped with their own mayo. I didn't try to  drizzle my lemon onto the fish because first of all, I don't like my dish sour.

Grilled Mushroom Chicken which doesn't look like it was grilled. Hmm? We didn't complain about it, after all our dining experience was on a promo. Despite the chicken un-grilled, it was  soft and savory because of the juice produced with onions when cooked. Just like a beef steak, you could probably call this a chicken steak with mushroom.

Crispy Chicken Salad. Not a fan of salads, just ate some of the leaves and left the rest to my boyfriend. 

White Chocolate Macadamia. YUMMY! but we wouldn't be able to try this flavor if I weren't a brat. It says on the voucher that we could choose any flavor from the fresh cream cakes (Got excited when I read this). So I browsed their Fresh Cream Cakes menu online right away and I chose the flavor of cake  that we will be having on our lunch, which was White Chocolate Macadamia. When we were about to have our desserts, the waitress gave us the very common flavor, chocolate cake. Ugh! I said to her right away that I want a different flavor of cake and she said that it's not available while I can see from their displays that they have 2 whole cake of white chocolate macadamia. I don't know what her problem is, then I told her it's okay, I'll just pay extra regardless our free dessert, I just want my white chocolate macadamia and she keeps on insisting it's not available. Then I stood up, talked to the manager and told her the same thing. The manager was understanding enough to give me the flavor of cake I want without any extra charges. whooo!

Overall, our dining experience was okay. The food was not bad nor very good. The crews were friendly when we arrived, one crew even put up an electric fan for us because the airconditioning that time was not well. Then there's that one waitress who wouldn't give my white chocolate macadamia huhu (di makalimutan haha!). One last thing that I didn't like about Secret Recipe, for me there's nothing wrong about crews chatting and laughing while on duty but they were talking loud enough for us to get disturbed. Our dining experience was just not that comfortable no matter how hard we ignore those nuisances. I maybe coming back for their cakes, and yes only for their cakes. One tip on promotion dining, Don't expect! 

Branch locations: Secret Recipe

5/L Shangri-La Plaza Mall
TEL NO: 637-0367 
G/L 32nd St. cor. 5th. Ave. Fort Bonifacio
*beside HSBC Bldg, opposite S&R Supermarket
TEL NO: 856-2953
4/L Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila
TEL NO: 567-2042

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