Blue Strawberry Restaurant

I have never heard of Blue Strawberry restaurant in my entire stay here in Saudi Arabia. Until last week, one of my close friends, Josephine, invited us to the celebration of her 18th birthday. We arrived at the restaurant earlier than the celebrant. While waiting, the friendly waiter gave us a complementary bread and the menus. My friends and I had fun looking at their extraordinary menu which was filled with variety of food choice. They even offer rabbit for a starter! Enough of the chitchat let's get over on the food! :)

Blue Strawberry is a fine dining restaurant. You can remove your abaya when inside because it is located inside of a village named Rezayat.

The warm interior gives you a homey feel. There weren't any people dining in when we arrived so we really felt comfortable. haha!

The complementary bread with butter and olives with oil.

French Onion Soup - This soup was very inviting on their menu or was I the only one who felt invited because I saw the word "mozarella cheese". It contains loads of onions which was the only thing I could taste. It has a circle slice of I don't know what kind of bread topped with mozarella cheese that I could barely taste. 

Goat Cheese- This starter is good for vegetarians. It contains baked goat cheese crotin served with herb croute, red pepper pippenade, dressed rocket leaves and Balsamic reduction. This starter's really good for a start. The goat cheese was appetizing when ate with the herb croutons. The goat cheese alone was creamy and a bit sour but I liked it!

Then the carbonara arrived! Finally, a dish that I know. haha! It comes with a rocklike breadstick (no offense) topped with melted cheese. Never hesitate to order this tasty, creamy and cheesy pasta! Simple and classic.

Here comes the main dish. I ordered the Chicken mushroom and leek pie served with a cup of mashed potato.

The boneless chicken bites were very soft and creamy. You might have thought that this small looking dish didn't satisfy me. You could see in the photo that the pie is overloaded with chops of chicken. I even had to ask my boyfriend's help to finish it.

My other two friends chose Lamb for their main dish. The best end of baby rack lamb served with three kinds of mashed potato and red currant jus which was the dish's hero. The meat was quite dry but when you dip it on the red currant jus, it becomes heavenly!

Pasta Linguine. They were very generous on the seafood that came in with the pasta especially the shrimps. Overall, the pasta served with tomato sauce was new to my taste because it was spicy yet palatable. It was also served with a breadstick.

The main dish of the celebrant. Baked fresh hamour served with a prawn and chive risotto, salsa verde and confit vine. I didn't get to taste it because I was too shy to ask Pin to give me a bite. hehe :)

And ofcourse! We wouldn't miss their dessert. The guys ordered two Creme Brulee which was classically glazed with thyme scented sable dipping biscuits. Yumm!

Very, very, very delicious blueberry cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate syrup that was used to write "Happy B-day Pin" on the plate. The chef was creative enough to use sliced strawberry as a candle holder. Love the idea!

I hope Pin enjoyed celebrating her very special day with us! I remembered I was also there on her 17th birthday which I also made a review on. You are my blog suki Pin! haha! After dinner we had a lot of pictures and when I say a lot, I really mean it. ;) Happy 18th Birthday! I wish you all the best! 

Blue Strawberry Restaurant
Rezayat Village
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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