Durrat China

Corniche Avenue is the best hangout place in Al-khobar. It's where famous restaurants are located. Also, the Corniche Park is the main place where people show off their luxurious and cool cars.  I'm not quite sure when Durrat China Restaurant opened but it seems like only few people notice this Chinese Restaurant.

Our orders are very typical Chinese food. Hakaw and corn & crab Soup for appetizer, fried rice, sweet & sour fish fillet, chopsuey & beef in oyster sauce for our main course. The ambiance is very dry although the tree in the middle of the restaurant is very interesting. If you've visited Gulf Royal in Al-Rashid Mall, they have the same concept but in different level. The service is good, food is okay, we didn't like the Chopsuey, prices in the menu are somewhat similar to Gulf Royal's. This is probably one of the restaurants that we would only try once.

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