Bamboo Kitchen

So it's my last night here in Saudi Arabia and probably the last day of my semestral break. huhu :( We went out to do some last minute shopping and then we had dinner with my uncle at Bamboo Kitchen, Mall of Dhahran.

The location of Bamboo Kitchen at Mall of Dhahran was formerly Zyng Asian Grill's. I don't know the reason why Zyng closed. They offer almost the same menu as Bamboo Kitchen's. I'm assuming that they are owned by one company.

This is the huge green lit Bamboo Kitchen sign attached on the shaft that will welcome you at the entrance.

And when you take a look at your left side, you will see this plant pool planted with bamboos and covered with white huge stones. It makes you feel like your dining in a backyard. hehe :) 

Behind each couch are bamboo sticks. I tried to hold one of them and it almost fell. Oops!

Ceiling lights of other section.

This is the ceiling view from where we're sitting. They look like "banig" (handwoven Asian mat made of palm tree's leaves). The waffle-like light fames made the interior even more Asian.

Time to look at their heavy menu! =)) VIEW THE FULL MENU

Wonton Soup (SR21). Shrimp and chicken wonton bathed in flavorful broth with grated carrot and scallions.

Sweetcorn Soup (SR21). Chicken, eggs and scallions.

Shrimp Dumplings that came with three different kinds of sauce.

The dumplings looked very big on the menu. Turned out it was just a zoomed in photo. Even though they were a disappointment in terms of size, you won't regret ordering it because your taste buds will like the tasty shrimp wrapped with thick and chewy dough.

One order of rice is good for 2 people. We're 5 persons dining and we had 3 orders of Bamboo rice. We had half of the bowl left uneaten. The rice seemed like it was half cooked and a bit hard to chew. The tendency was we get to swallow it right away. (If you know the word "nakakahirin" that's it.) Be sure to have your drinks served incase you get choked! haha! kidding*

Orange Chicken (SR37). Their signature dish in chicken. Tasteful sliced buttered fried chicken with orange flavored chili sauce glazed and topped with orange zest and scallions.Yummy yummy choice of my brother. I don't know if it's just me but I get "umay" after many bites because of the combination of fried crumbs and butter. Maybe that's the reason of sharing. haha!

Mongolian Beef (SR39). A succulent combination of sliced beef, seasonal mushrooms, onions and scallion sticks savored in distinct soy sauce. I love this! It's lika an adobo but more tasty because of scallion sticks. I told my mom to add scallion sticks next time she cooks adobo ;)

Szechuan Beef (SR38). Also one of their signature dishes that's rich in szechuan peppercorn flavor, mixed with sliced beef, red chili, red and green pepper and spring onion. It tasted almost the same as the Mongolian beef. Just don't look at their plating. Very bad.

Refillable lemon iced tea (SR9) that you can blend with sweet syrup according to your taste.

All in all, our dining experience was okay. It might be even better if we ordered their white rice steamed to perfection according to the menu. Though the price of some dish doesn't match the serving size. 21 saudi riyals for an ordinary sweetcorn soup, don't you think that's a bit harsh? I hope they take time on improving their messy plating. It made us feel like the dish was not prepared whole heartedly. I hope I see improvements when I come back, I'm just not sure when but not anytime soon.

Bamboo Kitchen
Near Gate 11, Mall of Dhahran

Too bad they don't have website.
Good thing I took pictures of the menu ;)

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