Pappa Roti

So last November 3, I had my first taste of Pappa Roti's bun. Thanks to my boyfriend who dropped by my house just to give me these 4 yummy buns just exact for the four of us in the family.

Each bun is placed in a brown bag with Pappa Roti print. One bun costs 11 Riyals. You can get a discount if you buy it by 5 or 10 pieces.

And here is the famous bun! Original flavor.

This is how it looks like on the inside. It's really delicious especially when partnered with a hot drink like coffee or hot chocolate. At first, it seems like it has no taste then after a few seconds the magic begins!

After having tasted the Pappa Roti buns, my mom craved for it! We went to Mall of Dhahran the next day but Pappa Roti was closed because their oven was not working :( We came back the next day, it was open and a bit crowded. Yay!

Gate 10 of Mall of Dhahran.

Crews are very busy. Even the manager is helping prepare the buns.

The manager adding flavor to the original buns. He was friendly and told me that he feels conscious by me taking a picture. But of course, he was kidding.

The Huge Pappa Roti place. There's more seats available at the veranda. We decided to take out 5 buns and a cold Pappa Milktea.

But wait! why are there two milk teas? That's because they gave us a free one! YAY for free drinks!

I wasn't very impressed about Pappa Milk Tea. I've tasted better ones. Milk Teas are very popular in the Philippines and to the other Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan. They should know how the real milk tea tastes. Their milk tea is simply coffee added with milk and tea.

I'm guessing that Pappa Roti will continue to extend their branches in the Middle East due to its popular demand. I'm also assuming that my mom will often buy their buns and it will be part of our daily lives. haha! There's a Pappa Roti in the Philippines but only at SM Bicutan which is nowhere near my place. But still, I will try to visit them soon. My mom and I are certified Pappa Roti bun fan! 

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