Cali Cali Caliburger!

We visited Caliburger's branch in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. It can easily be found since it is located in front of GMA building. It was a rainy Sunday but the rain stopped when we got there. Thank you God! We arrived in the place around 4:30PM and surprisingly, we were the only customers. 

Caliburger is known to be "another" version of the famous chain In-N-Out burger from United States. They have branches around the globe. Caliburger's beach vibe can be felt as soon as you enter their place. The bright colors, the people in their floral uniform and their upbeat personalities will surely make your experience worthwhile. 

They have three types of combo meal. A. Burger+fries+soda=Php245, B. Cheeseburger+fries+soda-Php275, C. Cali Double+fries+soda=Php345. We chose to have letter B! :)

Plus points for the FREE refill of any soda of your choice, including iced tea! :)

Here are some of the photos of their fun and Cali themed interior...

The very cute "egg" decor. I'm not sure of its purpose, It looks like a glow in the dark thing or maybe it's just a plain decor. haha!

 After order completion, they will give you this buzzer which lights up when your order's ready.

We chose to have iced tea which is already included in the combo meal.

 Here's our Cheeseburgers served with fries and choice of drink. Php275 each.

When ordering, the cashier girl asked us if wanted our onions grilled or raw. We chose it to be grilled.

Trans-fat free fries!

 Imported Heinz ketchup and mustard.

I've never tried In-N-Out Burger that's why I don't have the right to compare which one's better but of course, it's one of the first things I would try when I get to visit US someday. Caliburger got mixed reviews, some say it's better than In-N-Out and some say it's no where near In-N-Out. For a person like me, who haven't tried the famous In-N-Out, I can say that Caliburger's burger is the best among the new fast food chains here in the Philippines. The quality is so good. It's light, fresh, it's not very fatty, for short, it won't make you feel guilty! Perfect for the health conscious people who wants to have a cheat day. The best thing about Caliburger is they make their customers feel like the burger is personalised. They make it as "healthy" as possible by using trans fat free oil. You can see their high standard once you enter their neat place, especially their open kitchen. I don't know but I just had a connection with Caliburger, maybe since I love the beach and add some good food, ideal happy moment.

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