Kabigting's Halo-Halo: Will It Make You Say Halo HaLove You?

Rated as the BEST! as in number one halo-halo by one of my favorite websites Spot.ph, I was so eager to try it out. I've always been a fan of "Top List" of anything and I realised that I'm the type of person who only wants the best. I don't settle for less. Ansavehhh?! hahaha! Well, only if I have a budget, which is rare! haha! Moving on, when my family and I had the chance to visit Kabigting's one and only branch here in Manila, which is located along Banawe corner Calamba, Quezon City, we immediately did!

Driving along Banawe, we stopped when we saw the street sign of Calamba. We looked around and found Kabigting located between Cake2Go and Formosa bakeshop. The place was small, we actually drove pass through it.

Inside Kabigting's Banawe branch.

We looked at their menu for a bit and ordered five halo-halo. After five to ten minutes...tadaaaa!

Here are the claimed best halo-halo in the Philippines! Php90/each. 

Each customer that comes in Kabigting orders their halo-halo. There's only one word to describe their specialty - CREAMY! When the crushed iced melted, my halo-halo somehow became a milkshake. The texture is very smooth. If you're familiar of D'Cream's Golden Sun Milk Tea, the taste is kind of similar, except this one's a halo-halo with some corn and mashed beans. What made it so creamy is their unique ingredient that you won't find at any other halo-halo, Pastillas which is made from carabao's milk. Honestly, I don't understand why people compare it to Razon's halo-halo. Both halo-halo are very good in their own ways. But if you like something creamy, then Kabigting's halo-halo will surely please you. 

I'm so glad that I didn't disappoint my mom when I said that I'm going to let her taste the number 1 halo-halo in the Philippines. Thanks for saving the day Kabigting's! Halo HaLove you! <3

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